We are their biggest fans!

Watching your child on the field, giving their all, is a feeling like no other. It's not just about the game; it's about the early mornings, the late-night practices, and every heart-stopping moment in between. You're their biggest supporter and their unwavering source of encouragement and love.

That's why we've dedicated ourselves to creating custom gear that symbolizes more than just team spirit—but the dedication, the passion, and the unconditional support of moms like you.


Lisa Sauntry, Owner, Creator

I am a born and raised Texas girl, and grew up riding horses and raising livestock on a ranch outside of Houston, TX. I now live not so far away from where I grew up, with my husband, who I adore and who is my biggest supporter, and our two kiddos. Our daughter loves riding horses, tumbling and cheer, and our son loves baseball, golf, and all things outdoors. I have many hours of cheering them on under my belt & I love it! Every time they are on the field, court, or course my heart is right there with them! Of course I want them to hit a HOME RUN or land that tumble sequence & feel their disappointment when a strikeout or a missed landing happens. I want them to succeed so badly, also knowing that the greatest lessons for them (and me) are in the failures. I want them to see how much I love cheering them on and how proud I am of them! 

I have sewn since I was a little girl. I love to create and make things with my hands. It is a God gift for sure. It is meditative to me, and I feel most connected to God in that mind space. For several years I made t-shirt quilts and have been so blessed to have made so many special quilts for clients. I was in the middle of determining how to grow and build on that & I didn’t really know what direction I wanted to turn to.

The Birth of LetterMom

LetterMom started with an idea and a jacket I made for myself.

The first time I wore it to my son’s baseball game a few moms on his team mentioned wanting a jacket, so we hosted a little mom’s night. I got all the patches ready ahead of time, packed up my sewing machine and set it up on my friends’ kitchen table. 

A few months later spring season arrived, and a dear friend shared a photo wearing the jacket on her Instagram. I remember like it was yesterday when she called me that March day. I was at a cheer competition with my daughter, and she was at the baseball fields where both our boys were playing. She asked how I wanted her to respond to inquiries about the jacket…I thought what the heck, send them my way. Many lessons have happened since that spring day and now LetterMom is shipping all over the USA! 

There is no relationship like the mother-child connection. I love that my jackets celebrate that and support the family unit. Nothing is more important to me than God and my family. 

I hope you can feel the love, passion and thought that is put into your LetterMom jacket!